Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Frog catching

We are enjoying going out for our nature walks. It is fun discovering new places. Once we get over Kiki's moaning about having tired legs and how she is starving and wants to go home...once she connects with her environment (usually takes about half an hour) it is blissful. Everyone goes off to explore, coming back to each other to compare what they have found or heard, and they all just relax and get stuck in.
The boys admiring the foxgloves.

watch out for the nettles!

The kids naturally gravitate towards water. I pulled them back up to go for a walk first because I know that when they are wet and covered in mud it just won't happen.

They found a rope swing

Brandon is by the water on the left of the picture

Peeling bark
When we went back down to the water the children discovered lots of teeny tiny frogs.

Every time they lifted a rock they found a frog.

Not only were the rocks a great size for splashing, the valley was the best for echos! We yodeled for a long time :)

The kids insisted of taking some frogs home to put in the pond. I said that they could each take a few. Once we got home I found that Kiki had kept her's safe by putting them in the car door handle and getting them out was really tricky! I hope that I got them all as I am not exactly sure how many she had to start with. - this is one of the many reasons that I really have to invest in a car air freshener!


Pip said...

i used to love collecting frogs and frog spawn and putting them in one of the ponds at home. Takes me back to my childhood. I really love your area, it is just so beautiful. we have a real lack of lakes and streams to play in here. and all the big ones we have are commercialised and busy.

Moogie said...

Oh that's such a shame. I would be totally lost without all this water as the kids are so drawn to it. Mind you, there would be a lot less washing without all the sopping and muddy clothes :) swings and roundabouts.