Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hardwick New Hall

Oma, visiting from South Africa, was here for her 80th birthday. We were due to have a party on the weekend so for her actual birthday we went out for a day out at Hardwick Hall.
Some Hazelnut and chocolate biscuits that we baked for the day.

Hardwick Hall is one of the most significant Elizabethan country houses in England. Hardwick is a conspicuous statement of the wealth and power of Bess of Hardwick, who was the richest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth I herself.
The photos are a bit blurry because flashes weren't allowed inside the house because the light wasn't good for all the tapestries

incomplete tapestry
Hardwick Hall also doubles up as the dark and sinister Malfoy Manor in The Deathly Hallows.
Movie bosses loved the building's huge windows and six-tower skyline.
Exterior shots were filmed from a helicopter and the film-makers photographed and measured inside to help shoot indoor scenes at the studio.
There was a Harry Potter room in the house with this signed broomstick by JK Rowling.

Cloaks to dress up in

Document room. In here were the deeds for all their land!

INCREDIBLE room!!! All those tapestries.

And just look at this table!

fancy cupboard

Seriously though, imagine if this was your house!

Playing three billy goats gruff
Walking to the orchard

Strange statue of a woman holding a decapitated head.

Sword fights!
Trying to reach round the tree.


Kelly said...

Hi Carolyne
I haven't been blogging much recently and here I am visiting your blog and lots of interesting posts to read! Hope you are all having a good summer and not too rainy. Happy birthday to your gran. I hope she enjoyed a really special birthday. This house is magnificant. So many fascinating areas. I like the document room and those tapestries and that table. I also really love the picture of you and the children. What a precious picture. And how tall your biggest boy is!!
Lots of love to you

Pip said...

wow will have to look out for that next time i watch Harry Potter! Can't wait to see the last one. Must get to the cinema!!

Looks like a great day out and how lovely to spend her 80th all together!