Thursday, 14 July 2011


It's been a while since we last visited Peveril castle, last year I think, so we made the trip out there. On the way we passed a well dressing and had to stop for a closer look.
It is made out of natural materials - petals, leaves etc all placed in clay.
The river next to the car park where the children love to throw leaves and sticks and watch them float down stream. You can just about see the castle at the top of the hill, just to the left of the tree.

In the little museum. Emergency chocolate....hmmm great idea!

In the shop, the kids found a book about all the chicken breeds :)
We meandered through Castleton.

and stopped to say hi to the ducks
before climbing the hill to the castle

Rolling down the hill

Back down the hill, ice cream, then home.


dorinalouise said...

hi! i haven't checked in with you in awhile. castleton looks beautiful! so green :) i'm glad you are having some fun summer days!

NinnyNoodleNoo said...

I keep meaning to go to Peveril Castle, I seem to remember it's English Heritage? (I'm hoping to renew my membership at the Festival of History this weekend.)

Everyone should have an emergency ration of chocolate (it should be authorised by the authorities, we shouldn't have to buy our own ;0)

Pip said...

i remember your last post on this place. looks like a cool place to go. we love castles. not many round here though :-(