Saturday, 16 July 2011

Kiki's Horsie Birthday!

The evening before Kiki's birthday we spotted a cloud rainbow. It was so bright, much brighter than this photos shows.
Kiki said that she wanted a horsie birthday. Having family staying with us at the time meant that I didn't have that much time to prepare for her birthday.
I made her some mini horse jumps as she loves pretending that she is a horse.
And they worked perfectly with the crocheted hobby unicorn I made for her.

Big sister giving her gift. Brandon wasn't around in the morning as he went wild camping the night before.

Her own stable! Let's hope that she won't keep sneaking in to play with Kristin's stables now :)

and her very own horses. Again with hope that she will stop stealing her sister's horses.

Lazy unicorn cake. I really wish that I had had more time to work on this cake as it literally took 15 minutes to decorate. Kiki still loved her despite all her imperfections.

Horseshoe oat biscuits

On her birthday she got to have a pony experience.
Working with Gran to plat the mane.

Mucking out

She kept on asking to trot and gallop :) and asking to ride on her own, without the rope being held.
Back home, beautiful weather perfect for playing with the unicorn and a braai (barbecue)

In a horse-filled dream world :)


Pip said...

what a fantastic birthday!! Love the Unicorn hobby horse. well done you! I am very impressed. i keep meaning to try crocheting but unfortunatly i am a bit scared that i would make a big mess of it!!

Moogie said...

Thanks Pip.
Crocheting is very easy when you get the hang of it and much harder to mess up than knitting :)
Go on, give it a go.