Monday, 7 February 2011


Last Saturday, while the boys were at their grandparents for a sleepover, we went to get our chickens!!!!!
so many to choose from
Boo wanted a white peacock, obviously we had to reign her in on that :)))
and these guys were so noisy!
The girls also wanted ducks
and donkeys

and goats
but they had to settle for
no, not puppies
something that fits into a cardboard box
yay! Finally, we have our chickens!!!!!!

Introducing Mary, Honey-Honey, Storm and Hermione.
Boo sat out there for hours talking to them
and was rewarded with our first egg!



Kelly said...

The boys must have been surprised when they got home! I bet you are all enjoying those chickens. they must be getting lots of visits throughout the day! Exciting! I would have been very tempted to take home a donkey and some ducks. What an interesting place. Enjoy those chickens and their eggs.

Pip said...

They look lovely and there is nothing better than an egg that is still warm from the chicken!! Have you had any Double yokers yet? we don't get so many now the girls are a bit older but when they were first laying we got about one a week!!

Great names by the way!

dorinalouise said...

how exciting! it's so wonderful. congratulations. i love their names, and the egg does look delicious. there's nothing like a fresh chicken egg. i like mine soft boiled with butter : )

Linda said...

Chickens are so wonderful, we adore ours:)