Saturday, 19 February 2011

Eggs, more eggs, candles and wax, and...snow!!!!

The kids are very much into their poultry right now :) Kiki and Googs were playing with Daisy duck, getting her to sit on the egg to hatch it.

And then guess what came in the post...
The hatching eggs!!! We decided on getting a mix so we won't know what type of leghorn they are until they hatch!
We left the eggs for a few hours to get to room temperature.
While we waited for the eggs to warm up, the kids decorated some spring candles with coloured beeswax.
Kiki decorated hers with lots of eggs.
Googs went for spring coloured splodges

Boo made a chick on one side,
Blossom tree

and Easter bunny my little hippie :)
Champ did two different types of daffodil,
a blossom tree (round the side) and a nest of eggs

They all decided that they wanted the candles to sit next to the incubator and to be lit on the chicks hatching day :)
And you can't say that they don't love their chickens, they all went out to check on them after an unexpected snow fall.

Before the children went to bed they put the chicken out to watch over the chicks and also make sure they had a chicken to look at when they hatched :) I am going to feel really bad for them if we don't get at least one chick!
fingers crossed....


dorinalouise said...

oh, i hope the eggs hatch! your snowfall is beautiful! and it was so warm there! it's cold again here. yesterday it went up to 60 F! tonight it's supposed to go down to 23. brrr. big temperature jumps.

the candles are lovely, and the chickens are sweet . . so are those eggs . .

Moogie said...

So do I Dorina! We candled them today and they all seem to be developing well. Obviously I haven't a clue what I am doing so that doesn't say much :) but even the cracked one seems to have a developing chick but I don't think that it will last long.
The snow was strange and slightly disappointing as I could REALLY do with the weather warming up. I am dreaming of hot sunny days so much so that I am thinking of whackiing the heating up and having a picnic in the lounge in our shorts and t-shirts :P not sure Hubby would be impressed about coming home to the kids making sandcastles on the rug :D