Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Finger knitting and general busy-ness

The older two were out playing with the chickens so I decided to teach Googs how to finger knit.

He was soon able to do it by himself
And made it into a scarf for his koala.
Kiki has been making buildings and cities as presents for everyone. She is so proud of them that she asks to take pictures of them :)
I was a little naughty, stopping off at the South African shop for some naughty treats. I have to say, after always having a soft spot for thr bright green cream soda, it is no longer something that I enjoy. Oh dear, I am getting old!!!! Even ouma rusks were a disappointment, the rusks we made were much yummier.

When I shared out the grape fanta, Champ asked me if I was giving him alcohol :D I told him that it was grape flavour which solved that :D It's funny how you don't really get grape flavoured goodies here in England.
Our bulbs are blooming!!! It makes me so happy, and smells wonderful!
Kiki and Googs made some toilet roll animals.
Now this was supposed to be a cow but for the life of me I couldn't picture a cow head to draw it!!! I mean we have a field full of cows opposite the house. So anyway this is Goog's cow/horse :P
Kiki begged for pink and blue cupcakes.
:D I just love her style.

Kind of hard to see but this is Goog's dragon. I said that if the kids designed a new chicken coop we would get some wood and they could make it. They rushed to the table and came up with two very different designs so we are now trying to merge the two.
pumpkin pie
After sitting with the older two doing some maths, I walked back in the lounge to find Googs and Kiki reading bedtime stories to their babies.
It was so cute as it was done all so so seriously :)
I realise that Champ and Boo haven't featured very much in this post but that is because, apart from when they are doing their work, they are outside with their beloved chickens. I know that it won't last so I am letting them get their fill now :)


Pip said...

Oh the chicken love! Mine were the same when we got ours. arguments over who would let them out in the morning and who would collect the eggs... that stopped as soon as it got cold lol. as did playing with them... but i'm hoping the interest will be back once the weather gets warmer and dry!

Finger knitting sounds fun. its something i have ment to try but not yet looked at..... athough i'm sure i did it as a child......

Loved the bedtime stories, how very sweet and loving!!

Moogie said...

lol well I do realise that the level of love given will decrease, especially the cleaning out bit which they do without any moaning - I know that that won't last long!
Wait until you see what I have just ordered! I am soooo excited. Will be posting pics tomorrow :))))

dorinalouise said...

your pumpkin pie and cupcakes look so yummy! i love kiki's cities and her dress . . i remember finger knitting with my girls . . we'd have endless chains lying around. i think some were made into jump ropes. googs' scarf is very sweet on koala : )

lol about the cow. m and c babysit for two adorable twins who are five. yesterday m had to draw horses . . she said they looked like cows with skinny legs.

the chickens must be fun. have you been getting eggs? i love soft boiled eggs in the morning.

gotta go do some laundry now. googs and kiki are sweet with their bedtime stories :) have a great afternoon.

Moogie said...

Thanks Dorina :)

That's a great idea to make skipping ropes.

Yes we have been getting eggs! We are getting 2-3 a day. Yay!

The chickens are fun to watch with their scratching and clucking. My kids love showing them off to their friends too. The grass by their coop is almost all gone now that the chickens have scratched it away. I love getting the eggs, it is really satisfying usinf super fresh eggs laid in your own garden :)

Kelly said...

How wonderful that Googs has learnt to finger knit. He must be so happy with his crations. I love the pictures of the two little ones reading to their babies! I am sure you are all just loving those chickens. It must be really satisfying to check for eggs and find some. Always lots of tasty baking going on at yours. I haven't got round to making melktart yet as I had planned. I really must! We haven't visited a SA shop for a long, long time! We would buy lots of biltong, pronutro and anchovy paste! I remember how I used to love grape fanta years ago!

Moogie said...

Hi Kelly!
I have to say that the SA shop here isn't that good. There isn't much more than what is pictured above :(
I have a plan for biltong though ;)
You know what I am going to ask my Oma to bring over next time - zoo biscuits, super Cs and fizzers :D she always bring droewors and guava rolls
I still remember getting fizzers as a treat at school.
lol you can tell that I have got, and always have had a sweet tooth!

The Guilletots said...

I just found your blog.. Excellent.. And I love your easter candles... My kids would love them... I am on it. Thanks.

Moogie said...

Thanks for the kind comments :)
Normally my eldest daughter struggles with the wax because her hands are usually so cold :) She warms them up work with the wax but in minutes they are freezing again, she should work with something like chocolate or sugar paste that requires cold hands :)
Have fun