Sunday, 6 February 2011

painting, chicken coop and yummy stuff

I have had a long break from blogging because we all got the flu and have been ill and listless for weeks. But all better now :) finally.
Champ painted this apple tree. I love the way he painted the light on the apples and the shading on the tree.
And Boo painted a dancing fairy and a miniature toy shop.
We have birds on the bird feeder! Here the older two are filling up the table after the birds (and squirrel) had a feast.
And Kiki helped me make some nutella

and we used some prethickened sauce for our poffertjes.
The guys got going on the fencing for the chickens.
And the chicken coop arrived!!!!!
Not actually sure why I took this photo, I guess the defrosted berries looked so wonderful.


Pip said...

Glad to see you back and feeling better. I have missed your post and hoped all was well!

that coop looks a lot like mine did when mine arrived. very easy to put together if it's the same one! have you decided on the types of chickens you want to get?


Moogie said...

Hi Pip,
It's really great to get back to the land of the living, I can't believe how much it took out of us all, we basically slept for 3 weeks.
Yup coop is up now. It was easy apart from the nesting box where the holes didn't match up so we had to get the drill out.

Kelly said...

Hooray! I have missed your posts too! Sorry you have all been unwell and so glad you are all better now. Always lots of tasty treats being made at your house. You all must have been so excited when that coop arrived! Even i am excited for when you get chickens! I have found myself taking pictures of bowls of berries before too. They always do look wonderful!
Have a great week ahead.

Moogie said...

Ah thanks Kelly x
chickens have arrived but haven't got round to putting a post together yet. I have put a pic up on fb though.
Yes I think that pictures of berries in winter are especially lovely. We still have a freezer full which should keep us going until next blackberry harvest :D hubby is a little annoyed at not being able to fit the borewors in the freezer en mass though :P