Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tomatoes, fungi, raspberries and sap

Champ is so proud of his ripening tomatoes! Kiki ran upstairs to tell me to come and look at the yellow ones! It's all so exciting :o)
Hubby found an old speaker and Champ jumped at the chance to take it apart.
There was no rain today and we wanted to make the most of it so we packed a picnic and went to explore a different section of the reservoir.
The kids were amazed at this tree holding on by by just a few roots dangling over quite a decent drop.
And we couldn't believe how much fungi there was! Already! It feel so unfair that it is already Autumn. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Autumn, it's just I feel a little cheated out of a decent summer this year :o(

finding a little stream running down the hill and wondering where it starts.

The reservoir was low enough to see the flooded village! Well here is one of the buildings anyway.

We stayed here for a long time but the boys could have stayed for hours longer, they are so happy throwing things :o)

That's my Kiki; shoes off, sandwich in mouth, hair in her face because she refuses to wear clips and wearing her brother's old jersey xxx

I managed to do a tiny bit of crocheting

Boo wanted to drag this down to the water and see what would happen if the burnt end went in the water.
she dragged it quite far on her own
and finally enlisted her brother to help
not sure what the findings were though
Kiki sat down to do some sketching
she drew ducks and dragons
we then went off for a walk and explore
Boo found a HUGE mushroom
and we found lots of wild raspberries!!!

lucky heather a secret garden. the kids love little clearings like this.
Boo collected pretty things with a very dirty and scratched hand :o)
Champ found this little guy, he looks very small for this time of year though.
Boo was feeling all pretty and at one with nature :o)
My official poo detector and alarm raiser. It was all sheep poo so not that bad :oP
I love this picture of Googs just running free. He often likes to run ahead of us, my rule is that if he can't see me he has gone too far, even so I have a really loud whistle in case he gets carried away. Googs found a seesaw
The kids decided to make their own little birds nests. They wanted me to judge whose nest was best but I just can't do that! I tell them that as a Mom I make a really bad judge so they shouldn't ask me.
oooh look, sap!
Can you see the dripping sap? It smelt so good but oh so sticky! the children had to wait until they were home before they could get it off their fingers.


Pip said...

sounds like my kind of heavenly day! i wish we had a lake or something close enough for some pics like these.
I also have the same rule of "if you can't see me then i can't see you" ... and therfore you have gone too far!!
So much fun and fresh air! Love it!!


Kirsty said...

love seeing all the pics of you guys, you all look like you're having such fun.

I've never seen the flooded village - should really get out and see it one day since the resevoirs are so low atm.