Thursday, 19 August 2010

stories, lemons, blackberries and buttons.

I know that I have been REALLY bad at keeping up with the blog while cousin C was here. Just busy downloading some photos that we took while she was here, most of the time we were way too busy for photos :o)
Keeping cousin C busy, there was no excuse for her to be standing around with nothing to do :o)
Eating lemons. For some reason all of my children have enjoyed eating lemons, skins and all.

racing to go and collect blackberries
a precarious climb to the biggest and juiciest berries.

We now have an entire freezer full for blackberries and yet the bushes are still laden with fat berries ripening everyday! what a waste!
Kiki with her "snake" aka a hair :o) she played with her snake for ages
and once the children had gone to bed there were still lots of activities. Here is cousin C making buttons.
I am loving my new clay as it is great to work, strong once cooked and just look at the yummy colours.

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