Friday, 20 August 2010

blackberry muffins, wires and royalty

I asked the kids to go outside and pick some blackberries to make some muffins, they refused so I said that I was going to be like the little red hen and whoever doesn't help doesn't get any - they soon put on their sandals and got outside :o)

we put in as many berries as the children picked which was more than double what the recipe called for..hmmm yummy!
I love the way the berries turn red when they are cooked.
After reminding the kids that we had this set, they got it out and played with it all evening. Googs was in bed at this stage as he just can't cope with his younger sister waking him up so early.
They set up a circuit which allowed them to launch this.

Today,the children were playing princes and princesses, I was going to make them felt crowns but thought that they would enjoy making them themselves. So out came the trust all sequins and glue.

Champ wanted to keep going with his Hama beads instead. He spent hours on three sea creatures which his dreadful mother then accidentally knocked onto the floor before they had been ironed! I felt AWFUL! and sat down to repair the damage :o(
Googs chose bats and pumpkins and ghosts.

With Kiki every sequin had to be different. Boo went down the pattern route. The kids were impatient with the drying process so I decided to use the hairdryer to speed things up - not a great idea as I managed to blow a few off.

If only Kiki hadn't got blackberry all over her face :oP


Pip said...

lol. oh you did make me giggle. you were in full on destructive mummy mode! blowing sequins off the crowns and dropping the creations! I have days like that too.

Looks like a fun filled day!


earthboysblog said...

Those blueberry muffins look scrumptious.. Those crowns look great.

cousin C said...

i think that the blackberry all over her face only makes the photo more priceless!!!!