Tuesday, 10 August 2010

feeding snake and hopping eggs

Charlie had his first meal with us! We had to defrost a pinky (rat baby) first :oP
We were told that he would be shy eating at first but that wasn't the case, he gobbled the pinky right up.

and it was amazing how quickly it moved down his body.
Charlie only eats once a week.

Later, I found a hopping egg activity in a charity shop. There were only 2 eggs so the boys took one and the girls the other.

They had to paint them first.
A great lesson in sharing. Kiki was supposed to just paint the back of the egg but in her normal exuberant manner she got carried away and Boo had to learn to relax about it not looking perfect.
After drying them quickly with the hairdryer, it was time to wind them and race.

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