Tuesday, 10 August 2010

monkeys at the river

With the weather being so miserable and all the colds, we haven't been out much. We took the opportunity of having a little bit of sun to take cousin C to our river.

Whilst throwing stones into the river, Cousin C turned over a stone to find this little guy.

Some sheep came to say hello.
Kiki wanted to see the sheep too
The boys were looking for fossils further up the river.
The girls
Champ found this wonderful rock full of shell fossils.
After a while the weather got a little drizzly so we decided to go and explore.

My little monkey
We found another section of river with deeper water under the trees.
Champ lifted up this rock to find
a little burrow! it was very musty smelling and bared off to the left.
Always throwing stones :o)
and climbing trees
Look at all the monkeys :o)
Some fresh air was just what we all needed and our timing couldn't have been better as the rain started just as we got to the car.

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Kelly said...

What a day of adventuring and climbing. That fossil looks incredible. My boys are always on the look out for fossils.