Thursday, 19 August 2010

empty reservoir and lots of mud!

We woke up to the sun streaming in through the window. There is almost a panic on these rare days, what do we do to make the most of it? We changed our minds a few times and eventually settled for a trip to the reservoir.
The water was remarkably low for all the drizzle that we have been having but I guess that is the problem, drizzle and not fat rain.
Kiki found a worm friend.

still holding her worm...
We decided that before we could have lunch we had to earn it by having a walk. Champ wasn't impressed with the idea of leaving the area where we were and had a bit of a strop.
The others were happy though
He snapped out of it soon enough.
Helping out his little sister.

Champ has chosen not to have his hair cut, his choice NOT ours!

BIG stick!
me too!

Just before this photo Kiki had fallen and hit her nose. It was VERY sore! The others went off to play but Kiki stayed with me and had a nap in my arms. After that she was full of the joys of spring. When we got back home I took her to the doctors to check her nose, they managed to squeeze her in as an emergency. She then started dancing to the Abba music that they had in the waiting room and even managed a few handstands, a picture of health!

The lovely thing about a low reservoir is all the extra beach space...
the bad thing is all the mud! well bad for the washing machine anyway :oP
I guess the brown trousers camouflaged the mud to a point :o)

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