Thursday, 19 August 2010


Boo first learnt to ride at the age of 2. She was taught by a wonderful girl who showed her the basics on a pony called Banshee. Last year Banshee got too old to ride and was allowed to retire in a beautiful field with another pony friend and some donkeys. Boo was very upset that Banshee was getting old so we decided to go and visit her to see how she was doing.
We had never been to Banshee's field before and didn't know quite where it was.
At first, we found some sheep.

baaaaaaa! The kids were in hysterics every time this sheep baaa-ed at us. Googs, with his inability to control himself when laughing, almost fell off the fence!
And then we found some pigs
a smelly mommy pig and her cute piglets.
she too, was very noisy!
and her piglets kept wrestling each other.
I sent them off to try and find Banshee in the neighbouring luck with that one.
so the older two went all the way down the hill to search for her.
while the younger two came back to me and played with the piglets.
This picture makes it look as though Kiki is actually sticking her fingers up the pig's nose but that was not the case :oP although I am sure, if allowed, she would have done!
They found her!!!! THIS is Banshee.
and her two very friendly donkey friends.
and either a horse or a very large pony.

Boo now wants to keep a donkey! Do zookeepers get to live at the zoo? if so that would be an ideal job for her!!!!! Or maybe she could do what the family who own these fields do, and rescue animals and look after them, there are a whole array of grumpy, old and funny-looking animals here, it was a wonderful place!

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Kelly said...

What a sweet Banshee. We just adore donkeys here too and hope to own one, one day! Little piglets are really just the sweetest of all!