Thursday, 19 August 2010

baked alaska, sewing projects and funny faces

Yet another bits and pieces blog post :oP but I guess that is what life is like for us :o) Most of these photos were taken by cousin C and it was surprise to see what she had taken when I downloaded them.
Charlie has shed his skin for the first time since being with us. It wasn't an easy affair, as it should have been, instead it took a couple of days to completely come off, apparently he needs more moisture.

playing doggies.
Oh and Goog's graze under his eye happened one evening when we thought that the children had been in bed for an hour, we were sitting downstairs when we heard an enormous bang, I ran upstairs to find Googs on the floor in his room with a huge graze on his eye! Apparently Googs and Kiki were playing monsters sitting on Goog's windowsill, Kiki roared and Googs got a fright and fell off! *sigh* It was hard trying to be sympathetic and at the same time telling them off for being out of bed! washing up with company :o)
making the meringue for the baked alaska. Cousin C remembered me telling her of this icecream pudding when she was here a year and a half ago and REALLY wanted to try it out. I had never made before so was up for the challenge especially since it was her last meal with us before she returned to Holland.
spreading the meringue on top a spongecake spread with jam topped with 1.5 ltrs of chocolate fudge cake and caramel icecreams. Back in the freezer for an hour or two
into the over for about 5 minutes to brown the meringue
Then quickly cut and serve. It really was massive but we didn't want to waste any so everyone had a massive slice ......
and within 5 minutes it was all eaten!!!!
Pulling faces at cousin C who was making fun of my onion cutting goggles.
At the last minute Cousin C decided to get extra baggage allowance so that she could buy some more toffees and marmite for certain families. She had the allowance but no bag so I made her a simple bag on the night before she left, it was so frustrating as the fabric was really thick and the sewing machine wasn't liking the extra thickness of the handles :o( I managed to finish it in time and it was simply huge! perfect for all her extras.
During her stay cousin C also wanted to try and make a skirt. We found this fabric that she loved, got some wide black elastic and sewed the two together.
She loves it!
Regarding the headless shots, it was late in the evening and cousin C refused her face to be included :o)
The next morning cousin C found it amusing that while the girls were playing with trains the boys were playing...
with dolls!
Kiki often comes in to keep me company in the kitchen, we got hold of the camera and pulled some faces.


Pip said...

I just love reading about your life. looks like so much fun. Loving a boys version of doll play lol. Roley Poley down the stairs lol!!

Jen said...

How fun! I enjoyed these snippets, too and my girls loved "Little Snake" :D Thanks for sharing!