Friday, 4 September 2009


Today I have been sorting through bookcases, cupboards and toy boxes for 5 hours! I don't think it helped having the children going through everything I was sorting saying "Oh yeah, I remember this" and then taking it off to some nether regions of the house where I will find it again and not know where to put it. Seriously, where on earth did all this stuff come from? I guess I know the answer to that; when we first married we lived in furnish accommodation, it was very small. We then moved to a larger unfurnished place and had to purchase everything from beds and cupboards to fridges and ovens. So there was not much money, instead we trawled the charity shops, said "yes please" to hand-me-downs and had very generous relatives when it came to Christmas and birthdays and to top it all off I am a hoarder. I see use in everything "whats that? a bottle top? well we could use that for junk modeling, a piece of wood? brilliant we could do some woodworking, old Cd's? great a sun catcher or mobile to scare away the birds" I think you get the idea.

And books...I am obsessed. I am a bona fide bookoholic! I LOVE books, old and new and it shows - the house is brimming with books; craft books, story books, poetry books, teaching books, how to books...the list goes on and on. My dream is to have a library room with floor to ceiling bookcases on every wall and big squishy beanbags and lots of lamps...bliss.

Maybe one day...but for now I have lots of love and lots of noise which naturally comes with huge piles of washing and lots of toys.

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Hannah said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! We've been sorting and tidying today too :o)