Monday, 21 September 2009

1st day of school

After some exercises, singing, dancing and generally warming up we did some practical tables practice. I love doing tables this way as it doesn't feel as though I am just focusing on the older two as the younger ones get to play too.

Then into the workroom to write out some sums in their workbooks.

still in pjs...

While Champ and Boo were doing their work, the younger two and I had some eggs to use up, so...
we made lemon cake!

Helpers always get to lick the bowl!
Just out of the oven before the lemon juice icing has been poured over. We like it really sour which means it never makes it out of the tin complete as it is kind of soggy - more pudding than cake.

Tidy up time.
Play time!!! Inside...

and out.
Kiki went to bed so after reading a ton of books, we got painting. Googs wanted to do a "long painting" on some old fax paper.

and the older two worked on the puppet theatre.

Now to plan for tomorrow...

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