Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the little things...

The little things I loved about today.

Making bubbles with the washing up liquid and having all the kids rush in and try and pop them.

The wonderful smells that help cover up dirty nappy smells: baking banana bread, fresh bread baking in the bread machine and the smell of clean washing and the knowledge that tonight I will have clean sheets to snuggle under.

Some sunshine which means we can eat lunch outside by the swing.

Singing "never smile at a crocodile" and having ALL the kids join in.
Putting on a favourite CD and dancing round the room with the children.
Crafting with the kids.

Being surprised when a request didn't result in "aah why?" or "I don't want to"
Seeing the older two so proud of their work that they didn't want to do.

An undisturbed cup of coffee.

A hot bath with latest craft book.

Sitting on the couch learning to crochet while the children sleep upstairs and Hubby sits next to me playing computer games and chatting.

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