Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Now don't get me wrong, I love having four children, it's just that i can occasionally feel extremely outnumbered and ganged up on. Like today, for example, Hubby had bought a box of those miniature chocolates - you know the ones that come in a bright red tin that screams eat me! The children of course spotted it and then one by one they come in and ask me for one. My rule was that they for for after supper. First it was the eldest, then he obviously prompted the others to ask, saving their best weapon for last - Kiki. The older two accepted my "No, after supper" Googes emitted an "aaaahhh" and then Kiki came in and asked very sweetly, batting her eyelids (how do they learn these things so early on?) but as soon as I said "later" tantrums ensued until she was unceremoniously put out of the room to calm down.
Why don't they realise that when I say no to one child for something like that, of course I will say no to the others too! Hmmmm

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