Tuesday, 1 September 2009

tea party and tantrums

As I am writing this my three older are sitting having a little tea party while the storm thunders on outside. I know that they will drink so much that there will be numerous trips to the toilet before long :)

Last night I wrote out our plan for today knowing full well that we wouldn't get it all done.
We did get to the charity shops though. I went to find a man's shirt to attempt this dress

But I couldn't find one I like so instead, as always happens we we go to charity shops, we came out with lots of other "stuff". You know I am starting to think that this might be one of the reasons that we have run out of cupboard space :oP

Stone eggs for the nature table
A horse that she paid for

Shoes for eldest daughter
Some toy cars and of course no trip to the charity shop would be complete without an armful of books!

And why I included the word tantrum in the title is because little miss had a major tantrum in the last shop we went into. She refuse to come out of the shop, I waited outside with the others but eventually just had to go in and pick her up. She SCREAMED and SCREAMED and refused to get in the car. Finally an elderly lady came up to her and said "well if you don't want to go home with mommy you had better come home with me." She got into her carseat pretty quickly after that and although screamed all the way home was in a better mood.

Thank goodness she still has naps :)

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