Saturday, 26 September 2009

craft fair

we went to a craft fair today! woohoo! The first one I have been to in years. I only took the older two children so that I could spend time looking, learning and talking. It was wonderful. I bought myself crochet hooks, some wool blend material and some Angelina fibres that the children fell in love with. I was pretty restrained I thought. There were some lovely books there that tempted me but I thought after my recent rather large book order, I had better put them back :o)
While we were there I was taught to crochet, the kids got to do some lace work (which is truly amazing)

I found out how to make felt vessels after questioning the poor woman for ages while she ate her sandwich, and how to print and fuse angelina fibres.

As soon as I got home I got out the wool and tried to crochet - from 2pm I tried and I tried and I tried but I just couldn't see where all the stitches were on the 1st row aaaah it was so frustrating!

After hours and hours of persisting I finally got it and ended up with this at 11pm.
I know that it is still not perfect but trust me it is better than all my previous attempts. I am so chuffed with it :o)

I am now so excited to get stuck into this craft but unfortunately I have to put my crochet hooks to one side as I really have to learn to make skirts for the girls. We have my uncle's wedding at the end of October to attend and I would love the children to be matching. My plan is to make the girls circle skirts and the boys matching ties. Now this might be a bit of a challenge as I have never sewn clothes before. But hey! I can always do a bit of last minute shopping if it doesn't work out.

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