Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pool fun and boat making

We discovered some paddling pools just down the road from us! Actually, they have always been there since we moved here a few years ago, but they weren't in use so were filled with leaves and not much water. But now...
They are very cold :)

After a watery afternoon at the pools we decided to try our hand at boat making.
The materials needed: corks cut in half, screws, tooth picks and for the sails we used foam sheets.
First we put the screws into the middle of the bottom of the cork.

then push the toothpick into the other side
and they will look like this
Cut triangles of foam and put onto the tooth picks...and sail!

Kiki has plasters on the fingers in an attempt to stop her biting her nails.

Kristin's horse magazine subscription arrived :)
Then we tried sailing on a bigger ocean

The boats didn't last long but it was perfect for an afternoon of play. x

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