Tuesday, 23 August 2011

blackberries, reading and money

The kids have been out picking blackberries. We have still got some blackberries in the freezer from last year. Hubby moaned and groaned about the blackberries taking up the whole freezer :P so I am not sure that I will pick that many this year, lets see if he moans about a lack of apple and blackberry pie :)

The new calves
And Kristin's toad called Toady.
She loved it so much that we had to walk to the garden centre to pick up some meal worms for it. I have to say that Toady doesn't look as healthy anymore as Kristin made it a lovely home in a tub but then left it out in the sun and poor Toady got baked :P
Kiki and Googs made a fish tank :) They were so proud of themselves.
And Gran came over to read some stories.

Goog's latest obsession, yup, money! It's so weird, we are not sure what started it and why he is so interested in money but he is, he counts his money every day before bed. He has even asked for his birthday party theme this year to be....money :P

1 comment:

Pip said...

Oh dear poor Todey :-(

I too have a freezer full of last years produce.... must do something with it before this years harvesting!

I think children hit an age where they like money. both my boys have gone through it, but Kenzie took it one step further and took to swollowing the coins.... told me and A&E that he thought he was a money box....???

Hope your all well xx