Saturday, 6 August 2011

Animal sanctuary

While visiting friends, we went for a wander to the local animal sanctuary.
In this photo the kids were looking at a rescued fox. My goodness it stank!!!! It was a terrible chemically smell, which is why there is no actual photo of the fox - this was a close as I could get!
Off to find some more animals.
Hello goat!
In the one building there was an incredible angry little dog - we kept away from him.
There were quite a few shetland ponies. I wonder why so many need rescuing.

Kiki will always find a way to see what she wants to see.
My lovely friend gave us a very gooey chocolate cake recipe which we made that evening when we got home. As you can see by the droopyness, we had to ice and eat it while it was still warm :)

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Pip said...

ohhh warm gooy cake is just the best!! sadly I am on a keep fit and diet phase so no chocolate heaven for me :-(

Foxes are VERY smelly. I know this because I have a dog that likes to roll in Fox pooh and its EVIL!!!!!