Sunday, 7 August 2011

Football, broken bones and giant snails

Brandon decided that he wanted to start playing football. Coming from a rugby and cricket family, we were a little surprised. Anyway, we took him to a local club who was recruiting. Brandon loves to be in goal and was selected for the team!
This was his first ever game :)

They won 7-2. I was the one at the game because Hubby was at the fracture clinic with Googs because...
He has a broken finger :( He got it caught in the car door and the top of his finger broke off the gives me the heebie geebies every time I think about it.
Chick update photo.
And our newest pets...Giant African land snails!

Pretending to be dogs with friends
Showing off his broken finger.
Snails again

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Pip said...

oh dear... poor Gogs. sounds horrific! Heres to a quick fix for him.
Spookily i was going to do a post on giant snails this week. we babysat my friends snail last week and i was hoping to get some pics of the kids with them..... but no one wanted to hold them :-(