Thursday, 11 August 2011

Farmy friends

We had a wonderful day out at a friends farm.
Kristin spent the day loving all the animals The boys played in the garden

And they all helped collect eggs for lunch.
Kiki loved seeing all the chicks
and Googs spent ages watering the garden. We had a visit with the hospital the day after this and were told that perhaps that it wasn't the best idea to let Googs play with the pigs and chickens as his cast was a bit stinky. It would just have been so hard for him to sit and watch all the others play while he sat out.
If hubby and I weren't allergic, we would love to get a cat for the girls.
The adults sat in the garden chatting for hours while the children played happily with each other and all the animals...happy days :)

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Pip said...

We would also love a kitten but sadly we live on a main road, and most of our Neighbours have lost cats because of it :-(
What a fabby way to spend the afternoon!