Friday, 12 August 2011

Luminarium and Cathedral

Going into the city on the tram. My kids love public transport :)

Brandon was on the tram too but rolled his eyes at me when I wanted to take his picture :D
We went to visit the luminarium!
The children's first instincts are to run, jump and climb. Unfortunately, there are very strict rules and all the kids could do was was slowly and sit.

But once they got used to the rules, it was very relaxing with the music and lights.
Gran with the kids

After an hour or so in the luminarium, we wandered over to the cathedral

It had a very military feel to it.
the crypt

And just outside, Grand treated everyone to ice-cream :)


dorinalouise said...

the luminarium is fascinating! i've never seen anything like it :) very fun. the cathedral ceilings looked beautiful. we went to the cloisters today, uptown. i hope to post some pics in the morning. good night, now :)

Pip said...

oh how i would LOVE a luminairium!!
What a fantasticly space age setting! I can imagine it is a great place to explore and enjoy! I will have to keep my eyes open locally for a place near us. XX