Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mud, crayfish and kite flying

I am not sure what happened but the last handful of comments made to the blog were wiped :( It seems to be working again now though, maybe because I increased the space and there was a glitch..hmm I am just guessing.

We had a lovely day out at the Nature reserve with the home ed group. Our first task was to go pond dipping. Because of the number of people, we split into groups, which is why Champ is not in these pictures as he was off with another group of his friends.
The kids all got stuck in straight away
and were rewarded with a tray full of water bugs.
Googs just can't be outside without a stick :)

Kiki could have spent all day playing with the bugs.
Taking them out with either the spoon or her fingers. She has a freshwater crayfish on the spoon in this picture.

It was very squelchy and the children had great fun making slurping noises with their wellies HOWEVER the more they squelched the deeper they sank until they got well and truly stuck in the mud!!!
By helping each other they all managed to get out :)

Back to the building for lunch.
Googs and Kiki sat and chatted on the 'phone' :)))
After lunch we made kites!
It was windy, which while perfect for kite flying, was a little tricky for kite making especially when working with duct tape.
Working together we managed to get all the kites made...
And in the air!!!

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dorinalouise said...

your field trips always look so fun :) and the countryside is beautiful.