Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Homemade Easter!!!!

The day before Easter Sunday, the kids sat outside in the sunshine and painted Easter decorations for the dining room/workroom.
While I stayed inside and played with chocolate and other yummy goodies.
These flowers were fun to make and very easy. I melted some chocolate and put it into a plastic bag, snipped a tiny hole in the corner and piped the outline of the flowers and then 'coloured' them in.
fruit and nut chocolate drops.
Chocolate eggs
Pecan fudge
On Easter morning, I bagged everyone's handmade Easter goodies.
Put the lolly sticks onto the flowers
They looked to wonderful!
I also made a coffee cake, carrot cupcakes and Easter nests. I know, a little OTT :P
But it all looked so pretty :)
My parents and brother came round for our traditional fry up. It tasted sooo good.

The kids then tucked into their chocolate.

The Easter egg hunt.
The kids each have the same amount of small foil wrapped chocolate eggs to hunt for, a different colour for each child.

Every year we manage to lose a few eggs though.
The boys played cricket to burn off some of the sugar.
While the girls turned branches into dragons.
We took a walk up to the top of the field to look at the rape plants in all their glory.
And even had a braai!
It didn't feel much like Easter.
Well, until the chocolates came out again :)

Hmmmm yummy!


dorinalouise said...

what a wonderful day!! your treats look delicious. you are so creative and talented :)

and your house is gorgeous! i love all that stone. will you tell about it in a post one day? it looks like it has a history to it :)

Moogie said...

Thank you, Dorina.
Ummm I could tell you about the house but it isn't glamorous or interesting at all :) It used to be an old farm and our house was the cow shed :P And since my youngest was a homebirth, she truly was born in a barn :D