Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sunshine and chicken stories

We have a new camera! Hooray! ... so I vowed to be good about updating the blog only to start uploading the new pics and then be told that I have no more space left on the blog :( I have taken a couple of weeks to decide whether to pay to continue with this blog or to start a new blog.
I decided to stick with this one for the next year or so! :)
So now I am a little behind on my posting...
We had a gorgeous April! Full of much needed sunshine to warm our bones and bronze our skin.
Living in England, we made sure that we made the most of the sunshine. We planted some more vegetables, fruit and herbs.
The chicks are growing nicely and have enjoyed lots of outdoor time in the warm sun.

We had some sad news though, a fox got into the chicken coop and killed Hermione and Honey :(
So that day Hubby went to a local farm and bought these battery hens to replace the ones we lost. The kids named them Joanna, Clurky, Peach and Mama Mia.
HOWEVER, we feel really bad now as these chickens keep picking on Storm and Mary. Our old girls spend most of the day by the house away from the other chickens :(
On a better note, the new hens are looking MUCH healthier although the feathers around their necks still have to grow back.
On another not so good note, Joanna climbed into the horse trough and drowned...phew looking after chickens has been ....interesting!
It's even been warm enough to get the paddling pool out. The water, on the other hand, is still freezing :)
Garden gymnastics
After many hours debating on how the new run would be built, it is finally finished!!!! The chickens only go in it when we are out but they love it :)


Kelly said...

I had the same thing happen to me a while back. No more space left to upload pictures and I went for the same option of buying more space. You have had an interesting time with the chickens. The new run looks great. April really was so good with all that sunshine. trouble is we get used to it being around and then it goes away again. Do you have access to that whole field in the bottom picture? Looks like you have so much outside space!

dorinalouise said...

hi! we did some planting also. isn't the sun wonderful?! i'm sorry about your hens! it's never a dull moment . . is it?

your swing set and paddle pool look so fun. i really miss having our own yard. happy spring, carolyne!

Moogie said...

Hi Kelly!
Yes it is easy to get used to the sunshine. We have to make the most of it before it disappears. We are lucky that we are able to do just that :)
I have been waiting for the blog space to run out, it feels a relief to have got it over and done with :)
Yes, we do have access to the back field. There are so many possibilities...

Moogie said...

Happy Spring to you too Dorina!
It really feels like and English Summer though with warm weather and now rain :)
Yes, the hens...hmmm it's been a massive learning experience :) one that we won't forget.

z barras said...

That's sad news about the chickens, I hope the children weren't too upset? I suppose it's a learning curve. Glad you decided to keep the blog, it would have been a shame if you didn't. Zoe x

Moogie said...

Well, I guess life changes and we all move on. At the moment my life is so incredibly full, I have joined an amazing group here and my social calendar is packed, wonderfully so! On top of that I am working a whole lot more this year on some collaborations so it is only natural that I start to prioritise. With so many amazing and exciting elements to my life, the blog will take more of a back seat. I will however, keep it ticking over for my family and friends as I have met so many wonderful people in the blogging world.