Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Making hairbands, crochet and other bits and bobs

The last time the girls and I went to the shops (it doesn't happen very often) we saw hairbands with little flowers over them. We decided to make our own. Kiki is modeling her hairband :)
All it is, is a piece of elastic measured to the right length, sewn and then I sewed the little flowers on.
The photo is a little saturated so you cant see the colours that well.
Sneaky pic of the growing chicks :)
I keep forgetting to take pictures of the crocheted gifts that I make for people. I remembered this time though :) some hand warmers for a friend.
While the older two did some work, the younger two made some flying birds.
They wrapped round their little fingers.
And here is a picture that Kiki drew titled "Mommy" :D
My children all play well together...most of the time :P They play a LOT of imaginary/role play games. Even the older kids play for hours every day. Here they are playing fairies. To be honest this game didn't last that long as they all got out the play food and insects and spent ages inventing strange dishes :)


dorinalouise said...

hello carolyne, i miss the days of my girls playing nonstop like your children. they're busier now with activities outside the home. it's very tiring! i much prefer the former way of living! ohhh . . how they used to go on and on and on . . i love your handwarmers, and the headband. so fun! and your lovely yard looks beautiful behind your hand! (p.s. we blow kisses to your cute gangly chicks! they look like teenagers! :P i hope you are enjoying fresh eggs?!)

Pip said...

love your hand warmers! i keep meaning to learn to crochet! looks great and see so many things i think my kids would like that have been made by others!! Must get on to it! Chicks are looking healthy and happy! great to see them!
Pretty hair bands too. very creative!