Monday, 10 May 2010

Experiments, paint and bubbles.

We have to stay in the house because of Kiki's potty training. I have to say that we didn't have much luck today :o( lots of BIG messes today, don't worry I won't go into details. Kiki has been different to the others in that she couldn't care less if she messes in her pants, in fact, I think that she likes getting a new outfit 4-5 times a day. We have got until Friday to get it right as we are going to a soft play centre, lets hope we can do it!

Champ wanted to do science experiments today. We started with a experiment looking at water molecules. The children put drops of water on the plastic and then moved them with the pipette. It was easy to do because the hydrogen and oxygen atoms are attracted to each other.

We then moved onto making a gravity pump.

Creeping rust/oxidisation. We haven't finished this one as we have to leave the iron screws in the water for a few days.
And finally, the old favourite, bicarb of soda and vinegar mix.
The first time we did this, we mixed too much b soda and vinegar and we ended up soaked.
I love this picture of Kiki joining in whilst on her potty.

After the experiments it was time to play!!!!!
We made some cupcakes for lunch.
The girls writing up their experiments.
Another request - paint bubbles!
Who would guess that a mix of paint and washing up liquid would keep the kids happy for so long!
They only painted one bubble picture each. They had much more fun playing with the bubbles.
Champ managed to blow bubbles inside other bubbles.
Boo LOVES making a mess.

I just love the colours.
A bubble volcano.
Kiki said that she was making me a cake.
I am not sure how much paint and washing up mix Googs and Kiki put in their mouths, but it didn't put them off. They stayed at the table blowing bubbles for a long time after the older two had left.
Boo drew me a heart. She has always been an affectionate child. I just hope that she remembers that she loves me when she is a teenager :o)

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