Sunday, 16 May 2010

Potty training

Kiki did it! The first three days of potty training did NOT go well but on the fourth day Kiki woke up with a dry nappy and has been dry ever since! Unfortunately we haven't had the same luck with poo :o( I know that for some that might be too much information, but those of us who are mothers know that motherhood is all about food and bowel movements - that's what it feel like at times anyway :oP
The problem is that Kiki doesn't seem at all bothered that she needs a complete change after messing up her clothes, in fact, she enjoys getting a whole new outfit every time! sigh
The kids have been keeping themselves busy while stuck in the house all week. I guess it's not really been ALL week since they went swimming with their friends on Thursday and an indoor play centre on Friday. Oh well, here is just a few shots of potty week busyness.
Googs has been making his own drum sets. He used all sorts including space hoppers, pans, boxes, balls, toys and of course drums :o)
The children wanted to do some more bubble painting. What they really wanted to do was play with the bubbles so I didn't put paint in the mix as it was safer. Last time we had stray bubbles floating away to paint the walls and floors.
I found a window paint set in the charity set. Champ and Boo have made all sorts of creatures to decorate the mirrors in the bathroom.
They painted them first on some glass taken from a photo frame and then peeled them off and stuck them on the mirrors.

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