Sunday, 16 May 2010


On the way home from the Lowry we decided to pop into the fisheries to see how the guys were getting on.
We had to stick together as we walked round to the other side of the reservoir as everyone was fly fishing, which meant that they were all whipping those hooks and flies every few minutes behind them, and we certainly did NOT want to get them stuck in our faces!
There they are!
Googs told his Dad all about the show at the theatre.
Kiki ran off down the hill.

Girls playing horsie.
The guys caught 4 fish in all. The fish in this picture are not theirs but rather some that the children were admiring.
Back at home the fish needed to be descaled and gutted. Since it is not hubby's favourite job, the children jumped at the chance to do it. Hubby brought home two fish which meant both Boo and Champ got a fish each to clean.

Just these pictures of descaling, no pics of gutting.

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