Thursday, 6 May 2010

Buttons and mountain rescue

I just had to take this photo. Googs was playing dinosaurs, he explained to me that the big stone had just come down and killed all the dinosaurs. See! they are all dead :o)
The boys playing rough and tumble.
It rained over the bank holiday weekend so we took the opportunity to make some buttons. Champ and Boo used air-drying clay.
Boo had to make animals instead of buttons.

Yesterday we went to the nature reserve to do some activities with the ranger. Before lunch the children had to write an ending to a story.
Googs even joined in by dictating his story. Here it is:
The owl didn't come back and they lost the badger. Then they asked the wolf and he said that my eyes aren't strong enough and then they looked once more and they still couldn't find him. So they decided to get in a helicopter. The helicopter crashed and they all died.
And then there were dinosaurs and a rock came and all the dinosaurs died. And now there are no animals left because all of them are dead.
"Badger, do you know Spanish?"
Then the badger died when another rock came.
And then the monster ate the dinosaurs.
The End - this is my book
Champ went off on his own to write the ending to his story. He included grass snakes and wolves but left his book behind. Boo's story was about wild ponies - of course :o)
One of the Mums found a piece of a tiny blue shell.
Kiki wandering off.
After their story writing they burnt off some energy.

After lunch we learnt about mountain rescue and using plastic bags as a makeshift stretcher.
While this was going on Kiki wandered off again. Luckily she stays where I can see her.
Getting ready...
and lift!
The girls playing dead.
More stretcher fun.
After the practice, two of the older children went to hide in the woods. We split into two groups and were given maps to search for them.
Googs was very proud to be given the job of carrying the stretcher.
We found him! The story was, he had fallen out of a tree and broken his leg. Kiki was so concerned that she stood by him stoking his face.
Googs finally found the courage to have a go. Everyone carried him for ages!
The children wanted to end the day with a game of hide and seek. This picture was taken after we found them all. They were pointing at one of their friends who was in the game but not sitting on the bench.
Running back.
After the game of hide and seek we walked to the car. The children spotted a tractor that was about to cut the grass and all climbed the gate to watch. It made such a lovely photo.
They were soon joined by more of their friends.

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