Monday, 24 October 2011

Walnut picking!

We went picking walnuts for the first time ever! It was so exciting.

There were hundreds on the ground and on the tree. I haven't captured them on camera because I was way too busy picking :)

Aren't they lovely :)

Walking to find more trees. Googs found a ripe pear that had fallen off a tree.

After filling our bags, oh we could have picked so many more, we went for a walk.

The children were looking at a school of tiny fish

One thing I didn't mention was that walnuts stain your hands, big time!!! One of the mums was very organised and brought us all some gloves to wear. I still managed to stain my fingers :P I looked like I had some kind of fake tan disaster :)


Pip said...

oh now that does look like fun! Foraging is one of our favourite pastimes!!

dorinalouise said...

i am so impressed! what lovely walnuts!! and they make a good ink . . for writing?

your town is sooooo beautiful :)


Moogie said...

Thanks guys :) It was great fun, something we hope to do every year from now on. They are delicious!