Sunday, 23 October 2011

'schooling' bits and bobs

We have finally got the organ to work! Turns out all it needed was a new adapter.
K was really eager to learn especially since B is loving his guitar.
Its funny how the kids go through phases of toys and activities. This week they've been obsessively making hamma bead creations.
Googs asks to paint often but when he gets his paints he spends his whole time just mixing colours to make new colours. He loves it, he never actually paints with all his new colours :) just uses them to make more colours.
Kiki is different, she loves to paint many, many, MANY pictures in one sitting. It is usually the same picture over and over again in different colours. At the moment she is into drawing trees, either coconut or watermelon trees :)
And while the younger two paint, the older two sit at the larger table and do their work.
We studied snails as part of our animal block. After the writing work was complete we made clay snails.

the dry clay looks like snail trails :)


Pip said...

fabby snails! and the dry clay does make great snail trails!!
i have been meaning to ask you about your plans for secondary school home ed. I am 95% sure i will be home schooling mine through Secondary. so that's just under 2 years time for Brendan and just wanted some ideas of what I should be thinking about. big step...... advice very much welcomed!!

dorinalouise said...

that is what i love about homeschooling . . you can really allow your child to work out their interests before moving on to whatever their next step will be . . mixing colors could lead to cooking or chemistry or who knows what . . or maybe to actually painting. or maybe not. but whatever it is, they're getting to follow their own path. it's fun. what a great day, carolyne. i love the bead creations and the snails and good luck to k on her organ playing.

Moogie said...

Yes you are right Dorina, they learn from everything :)

Pip, of course, email me anytime.