Sunday, 30 October 2011

Den building and recipe testing

Can you see the children in the field? There are 5 of them up there :) They spent the day chopping down the dry thistles to make a den.
So I went up to investigate.
K started her den against the trees.
Here is the den that they have all been working on.

It even has artwork in it :) A stick sculpture that B made.

Gran came over to do some recipe testing with the children. They were testing cupcakes by using two different recipes and seeing which one they preferred.
They were judging on how easy the recipe was, how they looked when baked, and most importantly how they tasted.
While the first batch of cakes were in the oven Googs made some bread for lunch.

Doing the blind taste testing. The results were that the one that looked the worst, tasted the best :) Luckily neither of the recipes was as good as the cupcake recipe I already use which not only looks good but tastes wonderful.

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Pip said...

Dens and cakes??? i don't think life gets any better than that does it?