Friday, 7 October 2011

Spiderwebs, corriander seeds, and cars

We have had the most gorgeous weather for the last week or so which means that we have been able to carry on having our lessons outside :) It has been slightly strange to have very warm summery weather while sitting among fallen leaves and conkers...not that I am complaining!

With the spider season upon us, we decided to make some conker spiderwebs.

And pick the coriander seeds.

Since the others were at home shots I decided to add this picture of the children. I love the way they all play so well together despite the age range, it makes me smile every time I see it.


NinnyNoodleNoo said...

It's conker spiderweb season and I have a carrier bag full of conkers (and more besides), I really should do this with the littlies!

I really need to grow coriander next year - so much to do with the move, I will get the herbs planted and sorted, but for now...

And yes, the weather has been wierd - but back to shivery chills now - and you'll probably get the snow before we do ;0)

Pip said...

loving those cobwebs and will be nabbing that idea!! thanks xx

Kelly said...

We too have been making conker webs and loving that warm weather we had. I love the smell of coriander and such a joy to see all 4 playing together at one game. Wouldn't happen peacefully here!