Saturday, 15 October 2011

Googs turns 6!

Early morning birthday hugs.
For each birthday the kids take hours making each other birthday cards. They draw pictures on three sides and writing on one.

umm yes, it looks a little dangerous from here but it doesn't have a pointy end.

Birthday cake!
Googs wanted a money cake ??? He likes to collect things and his most recent obsession is conkers and money :) So a pirate ship it was.
Singing happy birthday.

This is now his 3rd birthday that I have recorded on the blog! It is so great to keep this record for us all.


NinnyNoodleNoo said...

Happy Birthday to him!

Pip said...

love the Pirate cake!!! fantastic!! My boys would love it! Happy Birthday Googs!! looks like a fantastic day. where did you get that bow from? Brendan wants to take up Archery!

Kelly said...

What a warm, loving birthday for your Googs. Happy Birthday! I bet he had a fantastic day! And what could be better than a cuddle from your child on the day of his birth! Very special pictures. Love to you!

Moogie said...

Thanks guys, he had a wonderful day.

Pip, decathalon. They are great sets.

Helen said...

The cake looks great!!

earthboysblog said...

Happy birthday little Googs,,,! I like the cake. I think Sasha shall be a pirate for halloween. Kisses for the precious boy.
Sundown market looked like fun, especially the candy land.
We have cows to chase but I sure would love to herd some sheep and enjoy their wool.
You always have amazing adventures.
Oh and daddy looked like he got out of bed a little early for birthday boy,, if its like our family they are always up around 5.30am and around 4.30 for special celebrations.

Pip said...

thanks for that. will go google them now!!