Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Eve! and drawing lesson

Yesterday the kids asked me how I drew my shelf of potions so I showed them.
I sat them down with two bottles and made them look at the bottles, note the curves of the bases, the size difference between the two, etc.
Once drawn in pencil we talked about shadows and the building up of colours from light to dark.

Using their Ferby giant pencil crayons they came up with this:
This is Boo's picture before...
she decided to turn it into a cartoon by drawing round it with a black pen.
And here is Champ's, who preferred to keep the picture 'real'
To celebrate New Year's Eve, we decided to have a little party in the evening.
After supper we played party games, sang songs to each other and danced in order to build up our appetite for pudding!!!

I went a bit overboard with make profiteroles - I made way too many so we gave some to the neighbours :P
Happy New Year everybody! and thank you for reading and commenting on our blog! Here's to a fantastic 2011. X


Petra said...

What a great New Years Eve - and those profitoroles look very yummy.
Love Petra

Moogie said...

They were yummy, although I would add more milk chocolate as they were a little too sophisticated :D

Happy New Year, Petra! Hope that it will be a great one!