Wednesday, 19 January 2011

cooking with Gran - chinese

Yesterday my Mom came round to do some Chinese cooking with the kids.
Not only did she come laden with bags of ingredients, but she also bought the kids an acorn bird feeder and a bird table!
Today they were working with an electric wok and cooking in stock rather than oil.
In went the stock from the Chinese shop.
Everyone got chopping

And there were lots of new smells and flavours to try. Here Kiki is tasting some bamboo

They got to use their bowls that they picked out in Chinatown too.It got very steamy.
They got to eat with the chopsticks too. See, the chopsticks don't just get used for cake testing or as sticks for the toffee apples :P

After they ate their Chinese feast for lunch, off they went to the garden centre to get an apple tree.

Before Gran left, Champ wanted to put together the bird table.

And soon everyone was joining in.
almost done
yay! I think that we might have to move it from this position as it is quite exposed but at least it is up! Lets hope we get some birds on it and not just squirrels.


Sally Haughey said...

Oh my word this so special! I loved how gran cooked with the children! It brought back memories of cooking with my grandmother and I have to tell you - they are like gold nuggets in my heart! Priceless! What a wonderful blog you have.


Moogie said...

Thank you so much Sally!
My Mom's passion is food so I am very grateful that she wants to share that passion with the children. I hope that they carry these memories like gold nuggets too :) (lovely expression)

Kelly said...

I always love cooking with gran days at your house!