Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Last week I had to go into Manchester to meet a friend, so my Mom decided to take the kids to Chinatown to give me some chatting time :)
We had to take the train which, despite Kiki's face (not enough sleep!!!), is always enjoyed by all.
Going over a very high bridge
In Chinatown
which of course was all about the food.

The kids showed up with a huge bag of Chinese food to try, some savoury but most were sweet :)
the tried some out at a coffee shop
Sesame and nutty balls
These purple goodies were tiny prunes wrapped in three layers.
and these sort of had the texture of Turkish delight but not as sweet with a nutty something in the middle.

The food that was left was brought home ready for their cooking session with gran. And to eat as treats of course :)

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Kelly said...

Another great adventure. Chinese food shops are really interesting as is Chinatown! And a train ride too!