Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mish mashing again :)

Getting some fresh air and a chance to go riding in between the snow and ice.
Clearing an area for.........chickens!!!!! We are hoping to get chickens in the next few weeks! We have been talking about it for months...maybe longer and finally decided to take the plunge.
The kids were very eager and worked hard to clear weeds and branches. Champ even managed to find 3 rotten squashes in there that he had planted last year.
Boo was pacing out where the coop was going to go.
Warming up with an apple and blackberry crumble with walnuts.
A batch of chocolate chip cookies. Due to the fact that we are back on our diet after the Christmas feasting, I gave most of the cookies away. It's weird, as soon as I go on a diet all that I want to do is read cookery books and bake. At least the house smells good :)
And it has been good to start having friends over again.
Boo reading to everyone
'School' time! and a chance to try out their new painting boxes.
Goog's painting of rocks.
Kiki's monster

Googs spent almost an hour mixing colours
Kiki soon had enough and played duck that layed marble eggs which obviously required safety goggles :)

Playing flying penguin.

And building houses

Almost every outfit that Kiki has worn recently has been inside out, back to front ...or both. I ask her if she wanted me to change it and she ALWAYS answers "NO"! I am still learning to hold my tongue.
And here are the paintings that the kids came up with today. I think that they are really excited about the chickens :)
This is Champs
and Boos
Kiki's monster
and Boo's swans.

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Kelly said...

Fantastic! How you will all love having chickens! Great pantings and happy playing faces. Will email just as soon as I can to catch up! Have a great rest of the week.