Thursday, 6 January 2011

Back to 'school'

So here we are, all excited and motivated to learn at the beginning of the year.
Our home ed group had activities on every day this week, but we are all still very calm after our wonderful laid back Christmas, so we decided to not throw ourselves back into everything straight away and have this week off. The kids did spend HOURS chatting to their friends on the phone and even wrote a couple of letters (snail mail).
Kiki wanted to sort out some fun buttons that my Mom gave us.

She said that it looked like a party :) Googs took this picture...
and this one of his brother and sister writing some silly rhymes/poems.
Making a slide. The reason that the left hand side of the picture is fuzzy is because Googs had progressed (or regressed) from taking photos of his family and toys, and started taking pictures of his nose and inside his mouth :)
And yes, there are a LOT of pictures of pjs. I think that it may be our school uniform - they are comfortable and warm and we have lots of them :D
A late Christmas present arrived this week too. A magic kit. I loved the way that the younger two sat in front of Boo in anticipation of some real magic....they were a little disappointed :P until, of course, she perfects the art.
Googs being roped in to be the audience again and Kiki playing with little white rabbits.
We managed to complete a WONDERFUL puzzle in a couple of days.

Some friends popped in to visit so we decided to make a sticky toffee pudding.
It was very sweet and gooey, simply delicious.
We had so much sauce left over that I didn't want to waste it so I boiled it some until until it turned into toffee.

Since we had left over dates from the other night, and I needed an activity for Googs and Kiki while the older two did their work, we decided to make a date cake.

Googs wanted to do the chopping
Kiki the stirring

and they BOTH licked the bowl :)
Waiting for the cake to bake by finding Wally.
and playing string games
We broke up some of the toffee and added that too so it was extra yummy.
And it snowed again! I love this picture of the boys watching it fall.

The cold weather was perfect for a movie.
And I played around with the waterpaint. After I took this pic I realised that I hadn't shaded under the fairy and now every time I look at the pic it bugs me :) oh well...


dorinalouise said...

happy new year . . we have a lot of pajamas here, too! : )

Jennie said...

What a lovely portrait of family life! My two are just 5 months old but I hope that as our family grows we have a life very much like the one you describe so well in words and pictures here. Thank you for sharing.

Moogie said...

Happy New Year to you too Dorina! It's going to be a good one, I can feel it :)

Moogie said...

Hello Jennie,
Thank you for your kind comments. It is a messy, noisy household but we manage to get along :)
Wow 5 months old twins, your life must noisy and messy too :D

Pip said...

I love your blog, always reminds me of our house! and so great to see someone else enjoying PJ's!!

Cake looks great..... toffe looks great.... painting is amazing.... shading or not. (i would not have noticed!)

Wish we had some snow again, ours has all gone now :-( throw a few snowballs for us xx

Moogie said...

Thanks Pip :) Sometimes I feel really guilty about having at least one child in almost every photo in their pjs.
Thanks for all the kind comments.