Friday, 5 March 2010

Friends and science

We went walking round the reservoir with some friends. Well we didn't quite get all the way round the reservoir, but at least the kids got some fresh air and exercise.
It was so lovely to see some sun after all these months of winter.

One of the few shots of Kiki walking - I had to carry her most of the way! We had all been suffering from some kind of virus and weren't on top form.

Cheeky faces!

Lunch time!
We collected water from different sources to test the ph levels. We used water from friend's house, our taps, the fish tank, reservoir and the horse trough.

What they found was that all the water round here is neutral veering more to the alkaline. The kids then dipped some of the testing paper into some lemon juice just to show the difference.
We made some goo out of corn flour and water. It mimics quicksand. I think that we need to go back and do some more work on molecules for them to understand this properly.

The kids got carried away and added way too much water. Another experiment I guess about increasing the viscosity!
Going bug hunting. It must be getting warmer because the kids came back with quite a few for their insect collection. Champ also found some eggs.

Fun in the front garden.

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