Monday, 8 March 2010

Jam Tarts in Spring

The children were playing ball games with their Dad and I just had to take this picture!
Playing hot potato and slow motion potato (Hubby's invention) with Dad.
Kiki posing in her crocheted t-shirt. I made the girl's t-shirts using bamboo yarn, they are so warm and soft.

Big sis getting in on the posing action.
Googs wanted to bake something today so after raiding the cupboards we came up with jam tarts.

Doing some "school" work while Kiki slept.
We put out our spring nature table today. The kids get so excited when they get the figures out; spring is an exciting time!!! Just got to make sure that Kiki doesn't walk off with all the little chicks.

Champ wanted to cut out a stencil of an egg and then drive a range of vehicles through paint and then onto the stencil.
Of course everybody then wanted to get in on the action.

She even managed to get big blobs of paint on her back!
This evening, while Champ was at Cubs and Googs in bed, Boo started learning how to touch type...
and Kiki made the enormous dinosaur puzzle.

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