Thursday, 18 March 2010

Atoms, eggs and chicks

While we were making goo (cornflour and water) a few weeks back the children asked how and why the substance behaved so strangely. The explanation involved molecules, but to understand molecules we had to look at atoms... sooooo that is what we did.
We thought about how to present it to the kids and came up with playdough.
Rolling out protons, neutrons and electrons.
Now this is the problem with waiting a week to post on here. I think that this (below) is a silver atom.
Atom worksheets courtesy of Mrs Cullen ;)
Next stop...molecules!
Aunty O brought the kids some Easter worksheets and some craft kits when she visited last week.
Kiki and Googs decorates pompom eggs.
Finished Mom, take a picture.
Googs enjoys drawing and making faces, he even gave his egg a face.

Champ and Boo made Easter chicks as there were more bits to put together.
Glue sticks are rubbish on anything but paper!
I couldn't be left out of all the crafting. Googs took this picture.
Fat hen! I want to change the legs to something brighter.

I have been so desperate for some colour in the lounge that I crocheted these hearts. I do realise that they are probably a little too bright but they make me happy.

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