Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sunshine, basket and blogs

We had sunshine!!!!!! The temperature went up to about 7 oC. The kids were so excited by the change in weather that they took off their jackets and socks and shoes! Luckily it was warm in the tent.
They just loved the freedom of the warmer weather.
Boo went to get everyone's favourite soft toys to put in the tent. Kiki was present, she just refused to leave the tent.
The boys and my Mom brought back some willow from their trip to the nature reserve. We thought that we had better attempt to make a basket before the willow dried out and became impossible to bend.
I think that the pieces we used were a little thick and it was quite hard work!

The finished basket isn't perfect but it is unique :o) As the children pointed out, it looks more like a birds nest. That's why we decided to add a handle.
It fits in perfectly for both the stone age that we are studying and for Easter!

The older two decided to get out their latch hook rugs again.
Boo is working on a horse...
and Champ is working on a volcano/sunset.
Taking time out to work on their blogs.

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